Name of the SEDEC partner Title Description Language List of documents and references
SISSA Medialab "Lo scienziato è magico. Anzi no": Collection of articles in Ulisse, online journal for the popularization of science in Italy. IT  Files/Ref.
SISSA Medialab Children perception of science and scientists Talk at the Ecsite (European Network of Science Museums and Science Centres) Annual Meeting, Lisbon, June 2007. EN  Files/Ref.
Centro de Formação Dr. Rui Grácio European Seminar: School, Science and European Cit The European seminar took place in Lagos, Portugal, and was the fist dissemination step of the SEDEc project: project presentation, conferences and projects. English / Portuguese  Files/Ref.
SISSA Medialab L'immagine della scienza nei bambini europei. Talk at the congress "Comunicare la Fisica 2007", Trieste (IT), October 2007. IT  Files/Ref.
MNST National Museum of Science and Technology Leo Open day for teachers and their families The Museum presented to teachers all the activities, and as part of the project SEDEC has been presented IT  Files/Ref.
SISSA Medialab Science education for the European citizenship Collection of papers in Jcom, online journal on science communication. ENG, FR, PL, IT  Files/Ref.
All partners SEDEC seminar Educazione Scientifica e Cittadinanze Europea: dal progetto alla scuola. IT  Files/Ref.
OU Seminars, conference, bulletin Dissemination activity of University of Ostrava. There is the list of activities. CZ  Files/Ref.
SISSA Medialab “Scienza e cittadinanza europea" Talk at the V National congress on Science Communication, Forlì, Italy. The proceedings will be published. IT  Files/Ref.
SISSA Medialab “Scienza e scienziati visti dai bambini europei” Talk at the congress “Made in Tomorrow” Milano, Italy (May, 12 2007). IT  Files/Ref.



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