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Mining museum, Ostrava
Database of Italian science museums Ulisse is a website for the diffusion of scientific culture very popular in Italy. That Ulisse section presents more then 489 science museums, aquaria, planetaria and other resources for science education.
Museum of traditional folk civilisation ASTRA In the forest of Sibiu, Romania, there is a dreamlike landscape that is the setting for the ASTRA Traditional Folk Civilization Museum. It is considerd one of the most beautiful open-air museum in Europe with cool woodlands and sunny glades and little spring running through it to move the wheels of water mills. It has become one of the most representative institutions of this type in Europe.
Java applets on physics
Pendulum Animation
Projects on Science Education
Pencil PENCIL (Permanent European Resource Centre for Informal Learning) combines field programmes and academic research with the aim of identifying the keys of success that transform informal science activities into innovative quality tools for science teaching.
Rose ROSE is an international comparative research project meant to shed light on factors of importance to the learning of science and technology (S&T) as perceived by the learners. Key international research institutions and individuals work jointly on the development of theoretical perspectives, research instruments, data collection and analysis.
Smec The main aim of the project is to encourage the use of the museum as educational resource for the teaching and learning of science in primary schools, and to contribute to the training of teachers for the development of competence and expertise in using museums.



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